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  • Anyone within the Bridestowe, Sourton, Lydford, Brentor and surrounding areas can get a delivery.
  • Order before 8pm and we will deliver the next morning!
How Much?
  • For all online orders under £10 you will be charge a delivery fee of £1. If its over £10 it's free!
How Do I Pay?
  • We will send an invoice with your delivery. If you are an account customer the amount will be automatically added to your account. If not please call us to pay by card or pop in!

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500ml Green Milk 65p
1ltr Green Milk 1.10p
2ltr Green Milk 1.80p
500ml Red Milk 65p
1ltr Red Milk 1.10p
500ml Blue Milk 65p
1ltr Blue Milk 1.10p
2ltr Blue Milk 1.80p
Trewithen Dairy Butter 1.85p
Flora 1.00p
Bertoli 1.85p
4 Yogurts 1.60p
Pan Au Chocolate 1.85p
4 Butter Croissants 1.55p
4 Mini Garlic Naan Breads 1.25p
4 Pack White Soft Rolls 1.00p
6 Large Pitta Breads 1.00p
2 White Part Baked Baguettes 0.69p
8 Tortillas 1.40p
Braces White Loaf 1.60p
Braces Wholemeal Loaf 1.60p
Braces Granary Loaf 1.60p
1ltr Orange Juice 1.79p
1ltr Apple Juice 1.79p
1ltr Cranberry Juice 1.99p
Coca Cola 1.75ltrs 1.69p
Diet Coke 1.75ltrs 1.69p
Schweppes Lemonade 2ltrs 1.49p
Robinsons Orange Squash 1.49p
Robinsons Blackcurrant Squash 1.49p
Cereals & Biscuits
Cornflakes 2.99p
Weetabix 1.60p
Scotts Porridge Oats 1.25p
Rich Tea Biscuits 1.29p
Ginger Nuts 1.29p
Milk Chocolate Digestives 1.50p
Jacobs Cracker Selection Pack 3.29p
Ryvita 1.00p
General Grocery
Granulated Sugar 1.35p
6 Large Eggs 1.55p
40 PG Tips 1.35p
160 PG Tips 4.69p
80 Yorkshire Tea Bags 2.79p
Coopers Oxford Marmalade 2.75p
Hartleys Strawberry Jam 1.59p
Ambrosia Custard 400g 1.00p
Baked Beanz 0.79p
Peeled Plum Tomatoes 1.35p
Chopped Tomatoes 1.35p
Pasta Shapes 0.75p
Lasagne 0.75p
Spaghetti 0.75p
Tomatoe Puree 1.39p
Bisto Gravy Granules 1.39p
Sunflower Oil 1.89p
Vegetable Oil 1.25p
Ambrosia Devon Custard 1.00p
Home: Cleaning & Pet Food
Toilet Duck 2.25p
Domestos Bleach 1.00p
Fairy Wash Up Liquid 1.29p
Regina Heart Kitchen Roll 2 Pack 1.00p
Comfort 750ml 1.99p
Bold 2in1 650g 2.99p
Persil 700g 3.19p
Finish Dishwasher Tablets 2.99p
5 HD Black Sacks 1.35p
8 Large Refuse Sacks 1.00p
Food Caddy Liners 2.09p
Sack Dog Food 9.99p
Bakers Meaty Meals 3.25p
Pedigree Beef - Tin - 0.70p
Pedigree Chicken - Tin - 0.70p
Whiskas Pouches - Poultry Selection 3.29p
Whiskas Chicken - Tin - 0.75p
Whiskas Salmon - Tin - 0.75p
Whiskas Dry Chicken 1.00p
4 Litre Cat Litter 1.00p
Home: Beauty
Kleenex Mansize 1.99p
Andrex 4 Pack 1.99p
Single Toothbrush 1.99p
Colgate Toothpaste 1.00p
3 Bars Soap 1.00p
Nurofen 12's 2.39p
Anadin Extra 8's 2.00p
Anadin Paracetamol 2.00p
Paracetamol 16's 0.80p
Ibuprofen 16's 1.00p
Do you need anything else? We will do our best!
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